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Cost Savings

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Cost Savings Opportunities

Large organizations with many facilities require clear and measurable air filtration strategies to properly manage and extend the life of capital equipment, minimize the use of energy and reduce overall filtration program costs both short and long term.

Filter Engineering Corporation can also provide an enhanced reporting function to the key stakeholders at any organization. Through the aggregation of critical operating data the stakeholders will have the capability to view the filtration strategy as a whole and deliver, with increased accuracy, the decision making information that will continue to drive down facility operating costs while gaining the ability to enhance forward looking budgeting requirements with greater accuracy.

There are many Opportunities to save money in Filtration Procurement (Unit Cost Reduction):
-The Development of a clear Filtration Management Strategy
-Assistance in disposal of Outdated Stock
-Leverage Purchasing for Multi-Facility Operations
-Reduction of Stockroom Items
-Side by Side Testing of New Products
-Product substitutions and Alternatives
-Inventory Reduction
-Standardization of Products
-Negotiated National Account Programs

Business Case Analysis (Program Cost Reduction):
-Reduction is the number of P.O.'s placed
-Monthly Invoice Processing
-Streamlining of Order Processing
-Logistics Management Analysis
-Single Vendor Consolidation
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